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How Our Mock Tests Work?

We Assess Your Skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

Our IELTS mock tests include all four IELTS skills, including Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections. Our mock tests require you to sit in front of a computer or laptop, with the questions presented on the screen and heard on the speaker or the headset. You then submit your answers through the use of a keyboard, mouse and a microphone, and they are seamlessly uploaded to our servers for evaluation.

The total test time is about 3 hours and 15 minutes and similar to the IELTS, each part of the test has a specific time limit. But in case your connection gets interrupted or for any other reason you might want to leave the test unfinished, you can continue the test later, right from where you left off.

The Speaking test is also on the computer. You will be asked pre-recorded examiner’s questions and your answers will be recorded and uploaded for review.

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We are recognized and trusted worldwide for our reliability and high quality standards.

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Analytical Report

A Comprehensive Report That Makes All the Difference!

Taking an IELTS Mock test is not quite useful without a detailed test report. After each test, you will want to know how you answered each question, what your mistakes were and at which areas your weaknesses lie.

In our Mock test reports, you can review the test, question by question and read the examiner’s comments on each one of your answers. So you will exactly know what you did wrong on the test.

You will also get an analytical report for each one of your skills. Our IELTS examiners give you tips and techniques on how to improve your band score.

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Join Over 53,000 Test Takers Using Mock Tests

We are recognized and trusted worldwide for our reliability and high quality standards.


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