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Our Users Across The Globe

LoveTrustRely On Us

“TakeIELTS.net alone helped me increase my band score by 1 in just a couple of months by pinpointing my flaws and preparing me for the test. Easily, half of my recent improvement is attributable in some way to TakeIELTS.net. ”

takeIELTS userGeng Zhihao, China

“Randomly one night, I encountered this website and I thought, ‘Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose.’ After a few Mock tests, I felt I was completely ready to take IELTS. Now, I’ve got the band score I wanted and hoping to return the favor.”

takeIELTS userAsmaa Mousa, Egypt

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without TakeIELTS.net, I would not have been able to succeed in my IELTS exam. The experience I got through this website made it possible for me to have something to build on.

takeIELTS userKim Hössler, Germany

“Through the number and quality of Mock tests I took before my IELTS, TakeIELTS.net has proven itself to me as a valuable and necessary asset and well worth the time and money.

takeIELTS userMarco Russo, Italy

“TakeIELTS.net is more than a Mock test provider to me. It’s my source of inspiration and feedback, where I can improve, and where I can practice my skills in the best form possible, online.”

takeIELTS userRebekka Koskinen, Finland

“TakeIELTS.net is the single most important tool for anyone that wants to take IELTS. It’s done more to help me prepare for the test than IELTS books, private teachers and Mock tests combined.”

takeIELTS userNitta Ryoma, Japan

“As a direct result of takeIELTS mock tests, I’ve had the opportunity to study in the university that I always wanted. I’m grateful for the exposure, the community and the inspiration.”

takeIELTS userMalizia Khadija, Uganda

“Excellent professional service from takeIELTS! Their mock tests kept me up to date and informed of my progress, with immediate responses when I enquired about anything. They took the stress out of the IELTS test. ”

takeIELTS userNguyen Gia Kien, Vietnam

“As my prep comes to a close, I would like to thank takeIELTS for making my prep incredibly simple & straightforward! Exceptional service & I would definitely recommend!! ”

takeIELTS userEmma O'Connor, Ireland

“The service I received from this site was excellent. These tests helped me regarding my IELTS exam. I would reccomend this website of solicitors to my family and friends should they need to take the IELTS exam in the future.”

takeIELTS userIrene Gunawan, Indonesia

“Great Service! After failing at my 3rd IELTS exam, I had a great experience with this website. For the first time I understood what I was doing wrong and I could finally work on my weaknesses until I got 7.5 which I wanted.”

takeIELTS userCharbel Haddad, Lebanon

“This method works pretty well. They have developed a simple tool that when properly used leads to the desired band in IELTS. I took 5 mock tests and they took me from 4 to 6,5”

takeIELTS userBouchra Alaoui, Morocco

“Wonderfully painless and affordable! Candidily speaking I have worked on my own and takeIELTS has helped me to an extent where I give a greater part of credit to their mock tests.”

takeIELTS userVinod Kumar, India

“With the help of takeIELTS.net I was able to prepapre myself for the IELTS test in less than 3 months. These mock tests pointed me in the right direction and accompanied me all the way.”

takeIELTS userJummy Adeyemi, Nigeria

“I have always been afraid of the IELTS exam. Taking mock tests helped me overcome my fears and find out what was underneath this feeling. takeIELTS.net helped me become confident and thanks to that, I got the score that I needed.”

takeIELTS userDomingo Juarez, Guatemala

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