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Creating an account in our website is very easy and completely free. You can sign up using an email address or you can sign in without signing up, using Facebook and Google sign-in buttons. By creating an account, you will be entitled to receive periodic emails from us. These emails include valuable tips and techniques for success in the IELTS test.

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2. Purchase a Test Package

Choose the test package that suits your requirements.

Once logged in to your account, you can purchase one of our IELTS Mock test packages to get access to the tests. We currently offer three packages with the only difference being in the number of tests in them. By purchasing a larger package, you will save more on your tests and you’ll have the opportunity to assess yourself more times before the IELTS exam.

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3. Prepare for your IELTS Mock Test

Get familiar with our mock tests by watching introductional videos

Before you head into your test, make sure you take time to get familiar with the online experience. You can do this by watching the test instructions and reviewing our test support materials online. Please keep in mind that, you can also refer to these material during the test if you find something confusing.

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4. Begin Your Mock Test

The test takes around 3 hours to complete, so be prepared!

Just as an IELTS test, our Mock tests consist of 4 components, namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, which are delivered to you consecutively and therefore each test takes around 3 hours to complete. However, if you need to take a break, you will have the option to continue the test right from where you left off.

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5. Review Your Test Report

Your test report with analytical insights will be ready in just 48 hours!

Your answers to the mock tests are assessed by certificated IELTS examiners. Our examiners will make sure that your answers are evaluated in the same way they will be on the actual IELTS exam. You will be given a very detailed analytical report which highlights your strengths and weaknesses, as well as action that you need to take to improve in next tests.

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