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What is the IELTS test?


Introduction to IELTS ‘International English Language Testing System’ or IELTS is the most popular English proficiency exam in the world. This exam is owned and managed by IDP, the British Council, and Cambridge Assessment, and is mostly used for the purposes of employment, study, and immigration in the English-speaking countries. One of the reasons IELTS exam is so popular is that it is widely accepted worldwide. More than 10,000 organizations already accept this in over 140 countries. This includes a variety of entities, including colleges, universities, schools and also governments. It is also acceptable by many professional and industry organizations. [...]

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How to prepare for IELTS with mock test?


What is an IELTS mock test? An IELTS mock test is exactly similar to an IELTS test. It has the same structure, the same difficulty, the same marking, and the same timing as the IELTS test. Most IELTS candidates take timed, full-length IELTS mock tests before sitting the real exam as a useful tool in their prep. Taking IELTS mock tests is an essential step in your journey to IELTS preparation. Simulating test-like conditions helps improve your stamina, pacing, and understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Certified IELTS examiners mark the IELTS mock tests and scores are usually returned much [...]

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