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IELTS fees, dates and locations by country, 2020 update


The IELTS test is not the property of any particular country. It is owned by a number of organisations in conjunction with each other. These organisations are the British Council, IDP Australia and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. These organisations set the IELTS price in each country, and therefore, there is no fixed fee for taking the IELTS test. IELTS fees are always the same for the Academic and General Training tests. However, prices vary depending on which country or even which city you’ll be taking the test in, and it’s never cheap! In this article, we have compiled a complete [...]

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Guarantee your success with IELTS coaching


Coaching is considered by many experts to be one of the two most important tools that you need to guarantee your success in IELTS; the other one is IELTS mock tests. Just like sports, IELTS candidates need coaches too! In this article, I will discuss the importance of effective IELTS coaching, including the behaviors that go along with it. I will also give you some guidelines that you could use to choose your IELTS coach. What is IELTS coaching? Most people often associate coaching with a sports team. However, IELTS candidates need coaches and coaching more [...]

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How to save money on IELTS


IELTS preparation can be an expensive process. Especially if you have a deadline to meet and a specific band score to achieve. Data shows that on average, each IELTS candidate spends around 1,130 Euros for preparation and taking the IELTS test, where the IELTS test accounts for roughly a quarter of this amount. […]

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Buying the IELTS certificate. A reality or a fraud?


Buying an IELTS certificate, and getting rid of difficulties to achieve a high score, tempts many candidates to pay a great deal of money and avoid the hassle of taking part in the exam! Unsurprisingly, wherever there is a demand, there are fraudsters who are ready to take advantage of the situation in any possible way. […]

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Things to do (and not to do) on the IELTS test day, and the days before


As an IELTS coach, I know that many IELTS candidates are struggling with their tests. As they get closer to the IELTS test day, they become more and more concerned about the things that they can and should do to get a better result. Therefore I decided to sum up some tips and recommendations that I think IELTS candidates should consider before sitting their tests. Things to do LONG before your IELTS test day To help you prepare, find an IELTS coach If you do some research, you will easily discover that there are plenty of IELTS preparation courses out [...]

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What is the IELTS test?


Introduction to IELTS ‘International English Language Testing System’ or IELTS is the most popular English proficiency exam in the world. This exam is owned and managed by IDP, the British Council, and Cambridge Assessment, and is mostly used for the purposes of employment, study, and immigration in the English-speaking countries. One of the reasons IELTS exam is so popular is that it is widely accepted worldwide. More than 10,000 organizations already accept this in over 140 countries. This includes a variety of entities, including colleges, universities, schools and also governments. It is also acceptable by many professional and industry organizations. [...]

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How to prepare for IELTS with mock test?


What is an IELTS mock test? An IELTS mock test is exactly similar to an IELTS test. It has the same structure, the same difficulty, the same marking, and the same timing as the IELTS test. Most IELTS candidates take timed, full-length IELTS mock tests before sitting the real exam as a useful tool in their prep. Taking IELTS mock tests is an essential step in your journey to IELTS preparation. Simulating test-like conditions helps improve your stamina, pacing, and understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Certified IELTS examiners mark the IELTS mock tests and scores are usually returned much [...]

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IELTS Listening: The importance of making good notes


The best listeners are engaged with whatever they are listening to. This could be a lecture at school or a conversation with a friend. Have you ever spoken to a friend and then thought, ‘Oh, what did he just say?’ because you were daydreaming? You weren’t being a good listener! And this can happen in your IELTS test too. Practise making good notes In the IELTS Listening test, you only listen to the audio once, so you have to be an attentive listener all the way through. One way to practise this is to listen to audios or watch videos [...]

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IELTS preparation: Science shows how to boost your band score


You perform well in class. You understand the IELTS question types. You’ve worked through the IELTS prep books. But studies show that this doesn’t mean you will do well in the IELTS test itself. Why is this? Dr Sian Beilock, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, studied why people perform badly in stressful situations such as exams. She found that exam stress takes up your working memory — the part of your mind you use to focus on the questions. As a result, you perform worse than you would in a less stressful environment, such as the classroom or [...]

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IELTS Reading: A quick fix?


I often receive emails or Facebook messages from IELTS test takers saying ‘How can I improve my reading?’ or ‘I am poor at reading.’ The problem is not that these candidates need to improve their reading, but that that they need to do it quickly. You may be one of them. The explanation Imagine that you want to improve your physical fitness. We all understand that you can’t achieve this in days: it takes months — in the case of long distance runners, it takes years. Reading is the same. The foundations of reading are vocabulary and grammar. Improving your [...]

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