Coaching is considered by many experts to be one of the two most important tools that you need to guarantee your success in IELTS; the other one is IELTS mock tests.

Just like sports, IELTS candidates need coaches too! In this article, I will discuss the importance of effective IELTS coaching, including the behaviors that go along with it. I will also give you some guidelines that you could use to choose your IELTS coach.

What is IELTS coaching?

Most people often associate coaching with a sports team. However, IELTS candidates need coaches and coaching more than anyone to be successful. Just like an athlete who needs to be coached to reach their full potential, IELTS candidates also need to be coached during their preparation.

Generally speaking, IELTS coaching covers and directs all of the activities that help you as an IELTS candidate to achieve your desired band score.

How can an IELTS coach help you succeed?

In the past few years, several studies have been conducted that demonstrate the value, efficacy, and impact of coaching in IELTS preparation.

IELTS coaching prepares you for every step in your journey to the IELTS exam. Each step along the way offers new challenges and opportunities to learn, as well as making mistakes. IELTS coaching helps you to deal with these challenges and learn from the mistakes that you make.

IELTS coaching also helps you amplify your strengths. While most of the teachers are concerned with fixing your weaknesses, the most significant role of the IELTS coach comes from emphasizing the further development of your strengths. In other words, an effective coach ensures that developing strengths is a focal point in your preparation.

Furthermore, your IELTS coach supports the development of the discipline and mindset necessary for success in the complicated road to IELTS. A proper coach exposes you to the challenges you might face during your prep as well as on your test day and offers help in cultivating the skills that are necessary for your success.

Among many ways an IELTS coach can help you succeed in your exam, here are a few:

  • IELTS coach will light up the way that you have ahead of you to achieve your IELTS goal
  • IELTS coach learns about your strengths and weaknesses and then provides you with a proper plan based on them. This plan includes the resources that you need, the study plan that you should use, the courses that you need to take and the areas that you have to practice.
  • IELTS coach increases your engagement by keeping you motivated during your prep
  • IELTS coach improves your performance by working on your strengths

What makes a good IELTS coach?

First of all, you should know that an IELTS coach is not be like a personal trainer or teacher that you pay to yell at you until you finish your workout or do your exercise! In IELTS preparation, this type of coaching will not be beneficial for you or the coach. In IELTS preparation, you need to be encouraged and motivated; otherwise, you might easily feel like you cannot succeed in your exam.

At the same time, a coach needs to balance motivation with driving results. The coach should be able to help you get to your goal and to do that the coach needs to challenge you sometimes and even force you to put more effort into your preparation. Therefore, Coaching is a balancing act, but only if you and your coach can develop the right relationship, effective coaching will be possible.

To be able to build a relationship, motivate, and hold you accountable, a coach needs to have certain features, including:

Goal Setting
IELTS coaching involves helping to set realistic goals as well as to achieve them. An effective IELTS coach needs to be able to help you establish goals. Some IELTS candidates may not know precisely what band score they want to get in the IELTS test and will need the help of an expert. Others may know their desired band score, but they might need some help breaking this goal down into clear, achievable steps. So the first thing that your IELTC coach will do is to tell you exactly what IELTS band score you need based on the purpose that you have for taking the IELTS test.

Problem Solving
Effective IELTS coaching uses problem-solving to help you get your desired band score. It is not enough to motivate you. When trying to help you achieve your goals, your coach needs to be able to come up with solutions to challenges that you may face during your prep.

Providing Valuable Feedback
Coaching involves providing valuable feedback that can help you improve. Therefore, your coach needs to be able to communicate clearly and make sure that you understand the feedback and you are able to implement it within your preparation process.

Providing Support
In order to effectively coach, your coach needs to be supportive. You need to feel that your coach is invested in your success. Your coach can provide support by being there when you need him/her and by acknowledging small achievements along the way.

What should you consider when getting an IELTS coach?

For the average IELTS candidate who is not an expert on the coaching (which is pretty much everyone), knowing why and how to choose an IELTS coach can be very tough.

First, make sure an IELTS coach is actually what you need
IELTS coaching is often confused with other related disciplines like teaching or consultation. However, it is quite different, and each of these has unique characteristics.

Unlike a consultant, an IELTS coach is not there to offer advice based on his/her own experiences. For the most part, your IELTS coach will help you find the right path yourself by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, unlike a teacher, IELTS coach is not there to teach you a topic, or solve your problems. However, he/she will provide you with the tools (resources or materials) that you can use to learn more effectively.

It’s essential to know that none of these disciplines is better or worse than any other. It’s important that you understand their differences and have appropriate expectations for what you will get from each one.

Make sure your IELTS coach is certified
Coaching is based on scientific research, and well-trained coaches utilize evidence-based coaching models in their work. To learn these techniques, coaches need to go through an in-depth training program. Unlike teaching, there is very little governance and regulation of the IELTS coaching industry. For example, to call yourself a teacher, you need to hold an official credential. There is no equivalent regulation for coaches. Anyone can call themselves an IELTS coach, whether or not they have been through a training program.

Ask them about their coaching style
Each IELTS coach works differently based on their personality and training. Some coaches are very organized and structured, while others are more open and free-flowing. Some coaches tend to be more supportive while others can be stricter and really challenge you. Ask your coach how they would describe their style and then think about if that is the type of support you need to achieve your goals in the IELTS test.

Ask about the methodologies and tools they use
You want to make sure your coach is using proven coaching methods and techniques to ensure your sessions will be useful in helping you achieve your goals. Moreover, you want to ensure their approach resonates with you and fits what you are looking for.

Think about what it will cost
Budget is definitely an important factor in selecting your IELTS coach. IELTS coaches typically charge anywhere from 50 to 500 Euros per hour based on their experience level. It is true that price is not always an indication of quality, but make sure you aren’t just choosing the cheapest coach. Remember, what you’ll pay is an investment in yourself and has a significant effect on your future.

Where can you find an affordable certified IELTS coach?

Many providers in the world offer IELTS coaching services, but most of them work locally, and it is not possible to benefit from their services remotely. However, with the internet bringing people closer, more possibilities have emerged.

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