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The Fastest Way to Become IELTS Ready

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Taking the IELTS exam can be quite a hassle if you are not ready for it. It is never cheap and it takes a lot of time to receive your results. But how to know if you are ready to take the test and more importantly, how to prepare yourself for the test? Well, we are here to help you!

With, you can take IELTS Mock tests as many times as you need, to make sure that you are ready for the actual IELTS test. Plus, everything is done online, so you don’t need to go to a test center or wait for your booked date.

Our Mock tests are the closest tests to IELTS, with the same timing, same structure, and same marking, and with an amazing extra feature: The Analytical Report. This report will show you exactly how you did on the test, what your problems were and how you can improve your IELTS band score.


Our tests are developed by official IELTS examiners and internationally certified question writers and therefore are the closest tests to IELTS with no differences in:

  • Content

  • Test Timings

  • Structure

  • Marking

  • Question Types

IELTS practice

By taking our tests, you can be confident that will completely prepare for the IELTS test, will know also your score before taking the actual IELTS test, become aware of your strengths and weaknesses and practice the test as many times as you need, each time with new questions.


IELTS is not cheap and it’s results are not given to you very fast. People might need to take the tests several times before getting their desired band score and the results of each test take a few weeks to be given to you. At we hold IELTS practice tests that are similar to the IELTS test in every way, except that they are better!

You can take the tests online, any time you want and as many times as you want. Your tests are reviewed by certified IELTS examiners and a full analytical report is given to you in 2 days.

All of our tests are written by certified IELTS question writers and examiners, so don’t need to worry about the quality of the tests. In our tests, we assess all of your four skills exactly in the same way you will be assessed in the IELTS test.

Content of the test, test timings, structure, marking and question types are exactly as in the IELTS test.

Just as IELTS test, our tests include listening, reading, writing and speaking. There are numerous question types for each category and your answers are reviewed by certified IELTS examiners.

For the speaking part, you will have to answer to the questions that are asked online, your voice will be recorded and sent to us for assessment.

Knowing your band score is important but what is even more important is to know your strengths, weaknesses and areas that you need to work on.

Therefore in, in addition to your band score in each skill and your overall band score, we will give you full analytical reports. In these reports, you can clearly see what you did wrong in each skill and what you have to do to increase your score.

We have +100 complete IELTS Mock tests to make sure that everyone can take the tests and practice as many times as they want.

You may want to track your progress in the months leading to the IELTS test or just want to see how you will do in a different test at a different time. Rest assured that all of our tests are individually written by certified examiners.

What you do in a test will be first examined by our artificial intelligence and then will be thoroughly reviewed and assessed by a certified IELTS examiner. This process will take around 2 days to complete.

Once your results and your analytical report are ready, we will send you an email and notify you to see your results.

Just like the IELTS test, we offer our Mock tests for both academic and general training.

The Academic format is, in general, for those who want to study or train in an English-speaking university or Institutions of Higher and Further Education, while IELTS General Training is for test takers wishing to migrate to an English-speaking country and for those wishing to train or study at below degree level.

93% Of Our Users Achieve Their Target IELTS Band Score.

You Can Too!

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World’s only certified IELTS mock tests by the

European Association for Education is accredited by the European Association for Education. This means that we have designed, developed and validated our platform according to IELTS standards. We continually monitor and improve our platform to ensure that our mock tests are beneficial to all test takers, whatever their background.

Join Over 53,000 Test Takers Using Mock Tests

We are recognized and trusted worldwide for our reliability and high quality standards.


Our Users Across The Globe LoveTrustRely On Us

Our Users Across The Globe

LoveTrustRely On Us

“Randomly one night, I encountered this website and I thought, ‘Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose.’ After a few Mock tests, I felt I was completely ready to take IELTS. Now, I’ve got the band score I wanted and hoping to return the favor.”

takeIELTS userAsmaa Mousa, Egypt

“With the help of I was able to prepare myself for the IELTS test in less than 3 months. These mock tests pointed me in the right direction and accompanied me all the way.”

takeIELTS userJummy Adeyemi, Nigeria

“Wonderfully painless and affordable! Candidily speaking I have worked on my own and takeIELTS has helped me to an extent where I give a greater part of credit to their mock tests.”

takeIELTS userVinod Kumar, India

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without, I would not have been able to succeed in my IELTS exam. The experience I got through this website made it possible for me to have something to build on.

takeIELTS userKim Hössler, Germany

“ is the single most important tool for anyone that wants to take IELTS. It’s done more to help me prepare for the test than IELTS books, private teachers and Mock tests combined.”

takeIELTS userNitta Ryoma, Japan

“Great Service! After failing at my 3rd IELTS exam, I had a great experience with this website. For the first time I understood what I was doing wrong and I could finally work on my weaknesses until I got 7.5 which I wanted.”

takeIELTS userCharbel Haddad, Lebanon


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